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Our Services

MIPL has a skilled and stable workforce with a highly developed and modern infrastructure as well as an extensive warehousing and storage capacity. The port is fully equipped with stevedoring equipment for handling bulk liquid, bulk dry and other dry cargo ships, served by a well-fortified 200 meters jetty, a Warehouse, Tank Farm, Car Parking Site and Steel Drum Factory.

Our Facilities:

The wharf:

  • A well-fortified 200 meters jetty, designed for heavy general cargo operations and cruise ships.
  • Easily accessible by trucks, trailers and other vehicles for cargo transfer.
  • Connected with heavy-duty wide roads.


  • MIPL employs permanent stevedore gangs on 2 shifts basis, day shift 08:00 am to 04:00 pm and night shift 08:00 pm to 04:00 am hours. Overtime work is available on request for intervals between shift hours.
  • Stevedores are highly skilled and armed with stevedoring equipment for handling, bulk liquid, bulk dry and other dry cargo ships.
  • Quayside bagging facilities have three to four gangs working simultaneously to ensure faster ship’s turnaround.



  • A Warehouse of total 3000 m² and general cargo storage capacity of 10,000 metric tons.

Bulk Liquid: (Storage Tanks)

  • Total area of 40,000 m² (10 acres), including Tank Farm, Administration Building, Steel Drum factory and Filling Site.  
  • 6 Storage Tanks (4x500 metric tons, 2x2000 metric tons) fitted with heating system, and a total storage capacity of 6000 metric tons.
  • Pipeline systems to connect wharf to the tank farm, and tank farm to the Filling Site.
  • Steel Drum factory and Filling Site 5200 sq. in area for Palm Oil filling and onward domestic distribution.


Car Parking Area:

  • Total of 5000 vehicles per month on a total area of 56,000 m².
  • Additional 30,000 m² in car park and storage area, enabling the increment in number of vehicles receiving per month to 7000.
  • Safety equipment, parking and roads signs are fitted within the premises, to ensure safety parking and drive through.


Edible Oil:

  • 6 Tanks of storage capacity of 6000 metric tons, additional two tanks concrete foundation exist enabling the construction of additional 2x2000 metric tons tanks to give a total of 10,000 metric tons. 
  • Pipeline systems to connect wharf to the tank farm, and tank farm to the Filling Site
  • 6 Automated filling machines located in the oil filling site of total 15000 drums/24hrs.
  • 16 Manual outlets, of total 200-250 metric tons/24hrs.
  • 3 boxers/container outlets of total 150 metric tons/24hrs.
  • Delivery pipeline system from wharf to tank-farm to filling stations both automated and manual.
  • Pipeline system to connect wharf to the tank farm, and tank farm to the Filling Site.
  • Tank farm operation is complemented by boilers for heating purposes.


Open Space Area:

  • 30,000 m²of well demarcated open space area is made available to use for storage of steels and other materials.


Berth(4), Thilawa Port, Kyauktan Township, Yangon, Myanmar.